In the world of social and digital media, where creative direction, design and strategy intersect and mix in new and unexpected ways, I have the broad and deep experience to successfully take a project from start to finish. Here are a few examples:

CHEVROLET - Timeline Postcards
One of the cool things about working with big clients at big agencies is getting the first crack at Facebook’s newest features. For Chevy, we got advance notice when Facebook’s timeline first came out so I got to come up with one of the first apps that took advantage of it. The idea is to memorialize an experience you had in a Chevy by creating a postcard that integrated with your friends, your photos, and Google Street View. Combining these assets would create an individualized, sharable postcard that inserted a memory into your timeline at the moment it happened.
TTLDR: I like to push creative boundaries with innovative technology
ABSOLUT BROOKLYN - Bottle Designer
Rather than simply replicating an offline campaign, I prefer to use digital and social media to expand and enhance a campaign. This concept is a great example of this thinking. Spike Lee designed the Absolut Brooklyn bottle to represent his childhood memory of Brooklyn and this concept gives people the power to do the same. By overlaying a transparent bottle onto Google Street View, anybody can create an original Absolut bottle design and share it with their friends. I came up with the idea and directed our developers to create a working proof of concept, but alas, it never got produced.
TLDR: I like to build platforms that let people design their own unique creations
Some of my favorite work comes from unexpected clients. This was a pro-bono project that the agency was doing TV spots for. Digital was an afterthought to the general creative team so they didn’t expect what was coming. The mission was to prove to parents that kids were abusing prescription drugs found in their own homes. The idea I came up with was to hack into the Twitter API and every time a slang term for prescription drugs was tweeted, it would scrape the post and display it while also dropping a handful of pills onto an ever-growing pile. I came up with the idea and worked with developers to bring it to life. The idea blew the client away and drew more attention than the TV spots.
TLDR: I look for opportunities to push creative boundaries
ZICAM - Video Preroll
You don’t always need to do an expensive shoot to create compelling video. I was able to pull this off with the budget for banner ads by using stock video cleverly edited with voice-over and birthday party artwork. My role as the ACD on this project was to come up with the idea, help find the stock footage and direct the editing and post production. I was super happy with a result that feels original and not very stock-like
TLDR: I can create original work with stock resources
ZICAM TOTAL IMMUNE: Video pre-roll
This spot reminds people that when it comes to their bodies, taking care of the inside is just as important as taking care of the outside.
Art Direction, Creative Direction
ZICAM - Hard hitting TV spot
When Zicam launched a new nasal spray product they needed a message that would stand out and break through. We thought a giant animatronic monster would do the job.
Art Direction, Advertising, Creative Direction
Display Ads
I admit it, I have a soft spot for banner ads. I like the creative challenge that comes with the strict guidelines. I like the simplicity of a strong message in a small size. The small scale and quick turnaround of display media let’s me use my concepting muscles to create pure advertising. And when it comes to rich media, there is really a huge amount that can be accomplished creatively. In the past, when Flash was a thing, I would concept, design and code massive amounts of banners. Here is a selection of some of my favorites.
TLDR: It’s weird, but I love creating banner ads
HP - Display Ad
One of my all time favorite banner executions.
Advertising, Art Direction, Creative Direction
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